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For information about taking drum lessons from Ryan please visit the Lessons page.



Double Bass Drumming Explained: A Comprehensive Reference on the Art and Science of Double Bass and its sequel Double Bass Drumming Explained Part 2: The Workbook are both available on this site. Visit the ebook page to learn more about them or purchase your own copies.


After some unforseen complications, Bloodstrike will finally be releasing In Death We Rot on September 25th, 2015 on Redefining Darkness Records! This is Ryan's second record deal in 7 years and also the second deal for some of his bandmates. Bloodstrike has always touted its members' experience and, having only existed for about 2 years, this proves that experience matters in these situations. When you know what to do and how to do it, you can get things done. You can read reviews of the album already on Colorado Music Buzz, and also here, and here.


Recently Bloodstrike announced that the full length debut album will be called In Death We Rot and will have an estimated release date of August 2015. You can hear a snippet of the album here and then once you're hooked, please consider pre-ordering a copy at our Indiegogo campaign page. As an unsigned artist we need to sell a few albums first to get the presses going. We are offering vinyl, CDs, tshirts, and patches. As of today we are 1/3 of the way to our goal. You can help by simply ordering a copy now.


Ryan has finished the drum tracking for Bloodstrike's (yet unnamed) full length debut despite suffering a 2nd degree burn on his arm in between days 1 and 2 of the session. The recording is currently in the guitar phase with bass and vocals coming up soon. There is a serious (not filmed or edited by Ryan this time) music video in the planning stages and Patrick Bruss of Crypticus has agreed to mix and master the tracks as soon as they are recorded. Check back here or at the Bloodstrike Facebook page for more information as the album comes together. The drum kit specs will be featured on this website once the album is closer to completion.

You can catch Ryan and Bloodstrike live this summer in Denver on May 2nd at Herman's Hideaway, May 18th at Bar Bar, June 6th at 3 Kings (Goatroast), June 19th at Sunlight Studios (Gutfest - actually CO Springs), and July 16th at 3 Kings... with more summer dates to come.


Ryan has been in pre-production mode with Bloodstrike for a full length debut album for the last couple of months. He will likely hit the studio to record between 10 and 12 songs in the next month or so for a possible late spring to early summer release. 8 to 10 of these songs will be new (as in not on the Necrobirth demo) and at least 4 have never been played live. The band has commissioned artwork from Mark Riddick and is thinking about a vinyl version as well as the usual CD and digital formats.


The press section now includes even more reviews of Ryan's drumming, including one from No Clean Singing. Also, Bloodstrike has shows coming up 8-29 at Bar Bar and 9-21 at Black Sky Brewery and that one is free.


Ryan's playing has gotten a couple of favorable mentions in international reviews of the Bloodstrike demo including from the UK and Portugal. Check the press page for quotations mentioning Ryan in English and Portugese.


Bloodstrike's first demo, Necrobirth, is back from the mastering process and 2 of the 3 tracks are available on the Bloodstrike Facebook page, Soundcloud and Bandcamp. A sample is also available in the recordings section of this site.

In other news, Ryan's book, DBDEP2: The Workbook has just been reviewed on ProDrumBlog.com so check out the review and then proceed to buy the book if you haven't already.


The latest recording to feature Ryan's drumming is by the band Bloodstrike. The only way it could sound more like Stockholm in 1992 is if he had a time machine. The tracks are being mastered right now and will be released soon. Ryan will also be working with Bloodstrike live and their debut show is scheduled for 7-26-2014 at Lion's Lair. Pictures, audio samples, and drum kit information will be on the relevant parts of this site as they become available. A snippet can be heard now at this link.


Last night Ryan did the initial setup of his drum kit for a new demo recording. He will be returning to an undisclosed studio location today to record 3 songs with a new band made up of veteran musicians from the Denver area. Details, pictures, video, and of course, the music will be available in the (hopefully) not too distant future.


Starting in February (2-1-2014) Ryan's home studio teaching location will be moving to 1660 S Forest St in Denver. This is close to Colorado Blvd. and I-25. The new location will be more convenient for roughly 75% of Ryan's students who previously had lessons at the Englewood location. Moving will allow Ryan to continue offering quality lessons at an affordable price by lowering his overhead costs. See the lessons page for a link to a google map and for his other studio options.


Ryan's second book, Double Bass Drumming Explained Part 2: The Workbook has just been released!! It continues the bass drum education with 300 more beats and grooves to help you master double kick. Get it here at BloomDrum.com on the ebook page or at Amazon.com, etsy.com, or kobo.com with more outlets coming soon...


Ryan was featured on ProDrumBlog.com today for his opinions on the Mapex Falcon pedal and the usefulness of weighted beaters in general. Read the full post to get his take on the subject. Also, Ryan is working on a second double bass book that will feature more beats and exercises than his first book. Check back for more on that later.


Ryan has joined the Music Teachers National Association, Colorado State Music Teachers Association, and Denver Area Music Teachers Association as well as the Percussive Arts Society in order to better understand his profession.


Ryan has recently updated his lessons page to reflect his recent appointment to a teaching position at My Music Skool on S Colorado Blvd. He will be set up in a duel-drum-set equipped teaching space with a full retail music store just outside the door. This is in addition to his post at Denver Music Tree in Park Hill/Stapelton and his own independent instuction out of Englewood. The 'skool' gives prospective drum students yet another convenient option for taking lessons from Ryan.

Also in the works, Ryan is working on some songs with a brand new Denver area band and he has also been notating lots of double bass beats in Finale... more details on both of these activities to come later.


Ryan has been busy this summer teaching lessons, restoring some vintage drums, promoting his business and his book, and recording some material just for fun. Colorado drummers, please note that Double Bass Drumming Explained is available at the Boulder Book Store, the Tattered Cover bookstore in Denver, and Townie Books in Crested Butte, thanks to their partnerships with Kobo.


Ryan has moved in to his new home/studio space on S. Pearl St. in Englewood and his lessons are back in action! In addition to his own space Ryan has begun working with Denver Music Tree in Park Hill near Stapleton and Broadway Music School on S Broadway for even more convenient teaching options. Let the teaching begin!!


Yesterday was the 1st anniversary of Double Bass Drumming Explained and after some serious counting it was determined that the book has sold over 100 copies in its first year. Drummers in such places as the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Mexico and many other countries are now playing double bass more efficiently than ever before. Not too bad for an independently released, internet-only publication with nearly no recognition from the usual drumming media or mainstream publishers. Get yours today. If you already have it, please spread the word! This is only the beginning.


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - Ryan will be relocating to Colorado at the end of May 2013. All of his teaching and drumming activities will be conducted from the Denver area beginning in June. Ryan would like to thank Bellingham, Lynden, the Noisy Neighbor Music store, and the surrounding communities for the teaching opportunities they have provided for the past 3 years.


Thanks to the kind efforts of some of Ryan's long-time students there are now testimonials on the Lessons page. Not sure if Ryan is the teacher for you? Read what other students (or their parents) have to say.


Two things this time:
1. Noisy Neighbor Music in Lynden will close on December 31st and thus Ryan's teaching options will change accordingly. See the Lessons page for more information.

2. Ryan's book Double Bass Drumming Explained was featured on the "Books by Alums" blog for the Coloradan (University of Colorado alumni magazine). The book will also be mentioned in an upcoming issue of the Coloradan.


The folks at ProDrumBlog.com have just posted an interview with Ryan in which he answers some extremely specific questions about extremely technical points of double kick technique. Do not miss out. Go read it!


Double Bass Drumming Explained has just been reviewed on ProDrumBlog.com! Read what they have to say here. And after being swayed in favor of the material, purchase it here. There will be an interview with Ryan posted on their site in the following weeks. Stay tuned.


Ryan's first book, Double Bass Drumming Explained: A Comprehensive Reference on the Art and Science of Double Bass , has been published this week in several digital ebook formats! Get all the info on the ebook page.


A copy of Immaculate Misconception has been obtained!! Visit the Recordings page to hear some of it or check out Amish Warfare at their facebook page.


It has finally been announced! Amish Warfare have titled their latest EP, featuring Ryan's drumming, Immaculate Misconception and will be releasing it within the week. Sample(s) will follow when a copy can be obtained.


Ryan recently dug up a few more press clippings from back in 2010 and posted them to the appropriate page. He is also working on a double bass book, about which the details will be relased later. Still holding tight for news about upcoming releases featuring Ryan's drumming... any time now.


Ryan has started offering personalized video drum lessons for those drummers, or drummers-to-be that happen to live outside of Northwest Washington. Check out the Lessons page for more info on video lessons as well as regular lessons.


Bellingham's Cascadia Weekly Newspaper has declared AMISH WARFARE "Bellingham's Best Band" for the second straight year. This month Ryan goes into the studio for the 'best band' again to record a single, and later he is slated to appear behind the kit in the accompanying music video. The previous EP has had some health-related setbacks, so once again 'soon' is the best possible estimate for its release.

Also, a new AMARA GRACE track has been added to the Recordings section.


A page on Ryan's services as a producer and band coach has been added to the site. He has already begun booking artists to work with him and so far it's going well.


The site has undergone a few minor updates today including the addition of actual pictures to the pics page. Who'd have thought, eh? Also, the Amish Warfare EP mentioned below is nearing completion and samples should be available soon.


Recording completed for upcoming EP by AMISH WARFARE.

Ryan spent 1.5 hours in a studio near Everson, WA laying down 6 tracks for this yet-to-be-titled release from ecclectic rockers Amish Warfare who have plans to release both an EP and a full-length album in the near future.


Ryan's percussive stylings are featured on a new CD by AMARA GRACE

Washington based singer/songwriter Amara Grace recently released a new album entitled Can't Keep a Sunrise Down which is available on CDbaby.com. Ryan provided congas, guiro, suspended cymbal, floor tom, and all manner of other percussive textures.