A New, Useful, and Complete System of Drum Beating

(Charles Stewart Ashworth)

Translated into Modern Notation!

ashworthcoverfrontA New, Useful, and Complete System of Drum Beating is once again available for sale in modern notation thanks to this original translation by Ryan Alexander Bloom. Including the Reveille, Troop, Retreat, Officer’s Calls, Signals, Salutes and the whole of the Camp duty.



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In 1812, Charles Stewart Ashworth was the first person to use the word “Rudiments” in conjunction with short drum exercises and he set a standard for American rudimental drumming that has had a lasting influence on our playing into the modern day. Drum Major in the Marine Band at Washington City, Ashworth compiled an authoritative and official guide to rudimental playing that echoed the signals of Steuben at Valley Forge during the American Revolution and left an impression on several famous American authors including George Bruce, Gardner Strube, and the creators of the NARD 26 Standard American Rudiments of the 1930s. If you play rudiments in America today, you owe some level of debt to Ashworth.

This 8.25×6″ manual is formatted exactly like the original, including the page numbering, sticking, and accompanying verbiage, but with legible modern notation that is playable by today’s drummers. Also includes the fife tunes to accompany the drum beatings.


Own this significant work of American Drum History in a format that can actually be played and understood. Suitable for drummers of all ages and skill levels wanting to learn from the past.