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The Forgotten Side of Bandelier – Archeology of the Tsankawi Ruins at Bandelier National Monument

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Encyclopedia Rudimentia


My newest book Encyclopedia Rudimentia – The Ultimate Drum Rudiment Collection is now available in both a digital edition from Hudson Music and a traditional paper edition from Amazon.

Get the digital ebook edition here:

The ebook features embedded audio examples for many of the rudiments and comes with the full support of Hudson Music.

Get the paper edition from here:

The paper edition is a 75 page workbook in 8.5×11 format so you can easily read through the 850+ rudiments, take notes, and integrate the book into your collection. Audio examples are available on SoundCloud here: for easy listening from any internet connection.

This book contains rudiments from the primary modern world rudimental cultures: Scotch Pipe Drumming, Basler Trommeln or Basel Drumming, Anglo-American Ancient Drumming or Fife and Drum, and Modern American Rudimental or DCI Hybrid Drumming. It also contains rudiments from the traditional French, Dutch, and German military rudimental systems. Of course, it also includes the NARD Standard 26 American Rudiments and the PAS 40 International Rudiments. Together there are over 200 years of Anglo-American rudimental history and 7 different national drumming styles represented. Many of these 850+ rudiments have rarely been seen in print and never together in one volume. Use the rudiments for traditional chop building and technical practice beyond the normal rudimental scope, for culturally informed performances of foreign literature, for groove, fill, and solo inspiration on the drum set, or simply to connect the dots between differing rudimental cultures over time and distance.

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“A monumental accomplishment that will benefit the percussion community forever.”

– John H. Beck, Professor Emeritus, Eastman School of Music

“A wonderful piece of work…clear, thorough, original, and in-depth”

– Joel Rothman, JR Publications

Here are some comments from actual customers:

“This book is phenomenal. The study of strokes is also the study of movement itself.”

“Very detailed…I really like the Hybrid Rudiment section and things I’ve never heard of before in that realm.”

“a solid publication Ryan! I just got into Claus Hessler’s Camp Duty Update book, so I feel your rudiment book would be a nice combination.”

“This book is full of helpful rudiments. Be it for enhancing your regular drum practice or for implementing into your playing, this book has great exercises that you can’t really find anywhere else.”

“a great reference book for all the major rudiments. I haven’t seen before the detail he gives to the Hybrid rudiments”

“Not only does Ryan do an amazing job of covering all the Standard 40 + Historical + Hybrid Rudiments, but he does so in 75 Pages (850+ Rudiments) while crediting all of his sources to help create the ultimate collection”

Live Drum & Bass


My 2018 book Live Drum & Bass is available in a digital ebook edition from Hudson Music or a traditional paper workbook from Amazon.

get the digital edition here:

Get the paper edition from here:

This edition features 42 pages in an 8.5×11 formatted workbook that will allow you to easily read and write on the 200 plus exercises.

Use this book to learn classic funk breaks, electronic steps, how to manipulate breaks into new beats and fills, new techniques to sound like a machine, ideas to utilize multiple snares, how to play and use freehand technique or gravity rolls, and much more.

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“It’s as clear as clear can be… [Ryan’s] done a terrific job with it”

– Joel Rothman

“This thorough examination into the genre…has a lot to offer.”

-Sheldon Kreger, ProDrumBlog

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Double Bass Drumming Explained

CoverDesign copy.jpg

The Complete Double Bass Drumming Explained is available in both a digital and traditional paper version.

Get the digitial edition here:

The paper edition The Complete Double Bass Drumming Explained – The Reference and The Workbook is also available.   A tangible copy of the most practical and applicable double bass book yet published. This edition is printed in large 8.5″ x 11″ format to blend in perfectly with your existing method book collection.

Visit this link to purchase your copy today!

International buyers (non-USA) please visit the appropriate affiliate site for your area. For example In Germany and in the UK and so forth. Just search the title.

Pro Drum Blog says:

“Double Bass Drumming Explained is the most thorough, detailed look at the mechanics of double bass drum playing available today. By utilizing a few key concepts from the book … players can avoid the pitfalls of learning incorrect technique. It’s surprising how a minor technical change can make double bass drumming more comfortable, more efficient, and faster.”

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Mark Goodin, Instructor at the Nevada Music Academy and drummer for Mark Slaughter, says:

“The technical explanations in this guide are awesome!!!”

Joel Rothman, noted drum book author and publisher, says:

“I’ve looked both books over carefully, and I have to say I am really impressed. They are the clearest and best books I’ve seen on the topic, and anyone interested in double bass drum playing would benefit greatly from each of them.”

Here are a few comments from actual customers of the original ebooks:

“I’m thoroughly impressed. Nobody out there explained everything quite like you did. Thank you so much for bringing this knowledge into one place.”

“It [has] good information in it, and I believe it is a very handy little guide.”

“I am a drummer since 1991, but I’ve never found a so-well-done explanation for bass drum technique. Great Job Man!”

“the author pays acute attention to bass drum playing details which are usually not presented in the well-known publications and video tutorials. It is a useful and extensive guide.”

“You’ve filled a hole that needed filling – keep up the good work, man!”














The Original ebooks: If you don’t want an actual physical paper copy, or the expanded content, purchase below. These will work on most devices such as tablets, phones, and ereaders. Both of these books are contained within the above Complete version.

Buy both ebooks together, The Reference and The Workbook, and save! Only $5.99btn_buynowCC_LG.gif

These ebooks are also available from,, independent bookstores through, and at to better suit your personal ebook reading device.

*Please note that books purchased from this page via paypal may take a few hours or even a day to arrive in your inbox. The process is not fully automated at this time and must be handled by a human. Feel free to contact Ryan with any questions.

Part 1 – A Comprehensive Reference on the Art and Science of Double Bass $3.99

This ebook should be required reading for anyone interested in learning to play double bass or looking to improve their current double bass skills. Before beginning any double bass practice routine it is essential to learn the proper techniques and equipment adjustments.

coverbiggerletters.jpg Verbal explanations of every essential technique and over 25 pictures, diagrams, and musical examples. It is exactly what most drummers need. Short of buying an expensive dvd (compared to this everything is expensive), or practicing bytrial end error for many years, there is no better way to gain an
understanding of the fundamentals of double pedal drumming. Included you will find a detailed analysis of such techniques as: heel-up, heel-down, floating/flatfoot, swivel, heel-toe, and slide. Also included are a wide range of double kick topics
including drum kit setup, pedal adjustments, head selection and tuning, drumming anatomy, and btn_buynowCC_LG.gifmore. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any other widely available double bass workbook on the market today, with the exception that this book should have been included as the first chapter. Without the most basic explanation of what to do and why, other books are only giving you half the education you need.

Part 2 – The Workbook $2.99

The second part in the Double Bass Drumming Explained series, The Workbook offers 300 different beats, exercises, grooves, and patterns to allow you to expand and improve the knowledge you gained in the first book. The Reference was never designed to be a method book, but instead a compendium of all of the technical knowledge needed to play double bass outside of the notes. Readers, however, responded with calls for more notes. Here are the notes.cover2biggerlettersbigger.jpg

Pro Drum Blog says: “If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, 100% practical book on double bass drumming, look no further. This workbook is the most straight-forward way to build proficiency in musical bass drumming I’ve seen.” Read the full review at

Notated exercises in this book feature a wide vaiety of note demoninations and groupings, a much larger collection of blast beats, odd time signatures, warm up and coordination exercises, and playable grooves that can be used in real-life btn_buynowCC_LG.gifmusical situations. While this book does contain some material for the sake of pure practice, it also inlcudes beats from my own double bass playing as well as many inspired by the playing of other notable double bass drummers. This collection of practice material is designed to complement the techniques and equipment adjustments from the first book and will help you reach a level of compentency that is based on how double bass is used in modern music. It isn’t desinged simply to give you a workout for the sake of your “overall independence” or to make your left foot exactly as strong as your right. I have recommended other method books in the past, and I continue to use them in the present. The classic double bass method books are still very useful, but my book differs in that it focuses on the development of a double bass style that is actually used by double bass drummers in the 21st century.