Denver Drum Society and Band Mini Camp

May should be an interesting month despite being quarantined. Tuesday, May 5th I am giving a talk to the Denver Drum Society via Zoom about my experience publishing books and I’ll be giving out a few tips on double bass from my first Hudson book The Complete Double Bass Drumming Explained.

This month I’ll also be holding online sectionals for LAHS marching band spring mini camp. We were hoping to do these with instruments in person to teach marching skills, but we will have to settle for practice pads and working on music. Still useful and important sessions for the future… assuming there is a 2020 marching season in New Mexico. Since there is currently no front ensemble instructor on staff, I’ll be handling battery and front ensemble on a regular basis.

I’ll also continue teaching private lessons online for anyone who wants them. FaceTime, Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc. New students are welcome at any point.