Tambour-Ordonnanz 1917 OUT NOW!

Now available on Amazon, my new original translation of Tambour-Ordonnanz für die Schweizerische Infanterie 1917 is the ONLY book available in English that covers the Swiss military rudimental drumming system.

Includes music reading basics, Swiss rudiments, rhythmic exercises, general camp duty and battle signals, marches, and drum maintenance tips with side-by-side English and German text.

In contrast to my editions of Ashworth and Potter, for which I transcribed the ancient music into modern notation,Tambour-Ordonnanz features the original Swiss style musical notation. It is quite good and easy to read. In this case I have translated the titles, descriptions, labels, and instructions from French and German to English so that they may be easily understood by the modern English-speaking drummer who is looking for authentic instruction in Swiss rudimental drumming.

Lots of people throw around the term “Swiss rudiments” but rarely does anyone take the time to study what that actually means. Here, the authentic World War I Swiss military drumming system is clearly laid out and easily available to the non-Swiss drummer. Never before has it been this easy to obtain. See more at the book’s page, or at Amazon.