Rudimental Articles

Rudiments: Geography, History, and Evolution

Rudiments are typically just accepted exactly as taught, without much question. The current standard selections are encompassed in the PAS 40 International Snare Drum Rudiments list. What many drummers do not know is that rudiments are ancient and there are many more than just the 40. For a list of almost all known rudiments (850+) be sure to check out my book Encyclopedia Rudimentia, published by Hudson Music. For a more detailed discussion of 22 different international rudimental systems, and even a few rudiments not listed in the Encyclopedia, check out my book Rudimental Grand Tour, published by Mel Bay. The following articles or essays should help illuminate a few small facets of the massive, yet understudied, topic of historical and international rudimental drumming. These articles are revised as necessary if my original assumptions prove to be inaccurate or if new information comes to light. 

British and American Rudimental Drum Methods, Manuals, and Sources by Year

NARD 26 vs PAS 40 – August 2019

Drags and Ruffs – Shifting Rudimental Terminology – January 2019

The Other 26 Rudiments – September 2020

How Many Rudiments? – March 2021

The 16 Most Common International Drum Rudiments – June 2021

The PAS 40 – An American Rudimental Timeline – July 2021

The Bruce/Barrett Controversy – September 2021

Lesser-Known Facts About Common Rudiments – September 2021

The Nard Founders’ Personal Rudiments – November 2021

Basel Drumming vs Swiss Drumming – January 2022

Fake Swiss Rudiments – Hybrids in Disguise – February 2022

Double Stops or Flat Flams – March 2022

4 Stroke Ruffs (and Similar) – April 2022

The Missing Even Numbered Rolls – May 2022

The Rudiments of Concert Percussion – May 2022

Flam Accent No. 2 – Classic, Yet Redundant? – June 2022

Paradiddle Inversion Naming Systems – July 2022

Cheese, A Common Hybrid – August 2022

Crushed Ruff, Press Rolls, and other Short Buzzes – September 2022

The Mystery of the Danish Trau – October 2022

All the Drag Paradiddles – British, Scottish, and American – November 2022

German Language Rudiment Names – December 2022