Recordings and Publications


Errant – Perfect Secret (2005 Demo)

Mordheim – Brutal Demonstrations (2010 Demo)

Amish Warfare – Immaculate Misconception (2012 EP)

Bloodstrike – Necrobirth (2014 Demo)

Full Length Albums

Havok – Burn (Candlelight Records 2009)

Amara Grace – Can’t Keep A Sunrise Down (2011)

Bloodstrike – In Death We Rot (Redefining Darkness Records 2015)

Bloodstrike – Execution of Violence (Redefining Darkness Records 2017)


Havok – Morbid Symmetry (2009)

Ecco Shoes – Ecco for Everyone (TV Commercial 2009)

Bloodstrike – Abomination (2015)

Bloodstrike – Bells of Death (2016)


Double Bass Drumming Explained: A Comprehensive Reference on the Art and Science of Double Bass (2012 ebook)

Double Bass Drumming Explained Part 2: The Workbook (2013 ebook)

The Complete Double Bass Drumming Explained – The Reference and The Workbook – Revised Expanded & Updated (2016 Paperback) (Hudson Music 2017 ebook)

Live Drum & Bass – Breakbeats and Electronic Music for Real Drummers (Hudson Music 2018 ebook) (2018 Paperback)

Encyclopedia Rudimentia – The Ultimate Drum Rudiment Collection (Hudson Music 2019 ebook) (2019 Paperback)

The Forgotten Side of Bandelier – Archeology of the Tsankawi Ruins at Bandelier National Monument [non-fiction, not music related] (2019 ebook and Paperback)

A New Useful and Complete System of Drum Beating [originally by Charles Stewart Ashworth, transcribed into modern notation] (2020 ebook and paperback)

Thrash Metal Drumming (Hudson Music 2020 ebook) (2020 Paperback)

The Art of Beating the Drum [originally by Samuel L. Potter, transcribed into modern notation] (2021 ebook and paperback)

Subdivide and Conquer – Subdivision-Based Rhythm Instruction for Individuals and Instrumental or Vocal Ensembles plus a Method for Snare Drum [with Robert W. Miller] (Hudson Music 2021 ebook) (2021 Paperback)

Tambour-Ordonnanz 1917 – Ordonnance Pour Les Tambours [originally by the Swiss Military Department, translated into English] (2022 ebook and paperback)

“The Inverted Flam Tap: A Multinational History” (Percussive Notes December 2022)

Méthode de Tambour [originally by N. Pita, translated into English] (2023 paperback)

Rudimental Grand Tour – Drumming Across 22 International Traditions (Mel Bay 2023 paperback/ebook)