Live Drum & Bass

Live Drum & Bass


Live Drum & Bass is available in a digital ebook edition from Hudson Music or a traditional paper workbook from Amazon.

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This edition features 42 pages in an 8.5×11 formatted workbook that will allow you to easily read and write on the 200 plus exercises.

Use this book to learn classic funk breaks, electronic steps, how to manipulate breaks into new beats and fills, new techniques to sound like a machine, ideas to utilize multiple snares, how to play and use freehand technique or gravity rolls, and much more.

International buyers (non-USA) please visit the appropriate affiliate site for your area. For example In Germany and in the UK

“It’s as clear as clear can be… [Ryan’s] done a terrific job with it”

– Joel Rothman

“This thorough examination into the genre…has a lot to offer.”

-Sheldon Kreger, ProDrumBlog

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