Subdivide and Conquer

Subdivide and Conquer is available in paperback from Amazon and available from Hudson Music in a digital download.

Get the paperback at Amazon and the ebook at Hudson Music.

The paperback is 41 pages of 8.5×11 and features exercises designed to enhance counting and rhythm reading, plus it has audio examples available at the URL listed in the book. The ebook is the same book downloadable to the device of your choice, but features embedded audio examples at the exercises.

Most rhythm books label individual notes or simply provide endless rhythmic variations to work through, with no context. Notes, rests, and the spaces between them are labeled here with subdivisions to “measure” duration such that accurate playing is easy and intuitive.

Subdivide and Conquer can be used as an ensemble method for any type of group: bands, orchestras, choirs, etc. It can also be used in private lessons, or by individuals, on any instrument: strings, percussion, voice, winds, etc. It provides an optional beginning method for snare drum that can be used synchronously with the other exercises, in an ensemble setting, or independently as a stand-alone snare drum trainer.

There has never been a book as flexible or useful for so many musicians. There is also essentially nothing like this on the market the consistently sticks to a subdivision approach. This is the most effective approach to counting and reading rhythm.

Some praise for the book:

It’s a great concept, I really do believe, and it can be a wonderful resource for building a solid foundation on developing secure timing and rhythmic integrity. It’s such a fundamental idea and yet not one that is well explained or trained through methods.

Daniel W. Boothe – Director, Symphonicity Orchestra; U.S. Air Force; Music Faculty, Old Dominion University)

I love your book and use it all the time with my band students, as well as my private students.

Dr. Joel Frisch – Band director, C. Milton Wright High School; former principal timpanist, Daejeon Philharmonic Orchestra

Robert Miller’s wealth of successful teaching experience is evident in this well crafted, fresh approach to teaching subdivision and rhythm.

Dr. Mark Lortz – Director of Music, Stevenson University

This book is a fantastic tool for music educators to introduce the concept of subdivision to all types of young musicians, in a format that can be adapted easily to both private instruction and ensemble settings.

Kristin Chamberlin – Hornist, Parris Island Marine Band

I would highly recommend this book to any teacher and student.

Quincy Phillips – Peabody Conservatory