The Complete Double Bass Drumming Explained

Double Bass Drumming Explained

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The Complete Double Bass Drumming Explained is available in both a digital and traditional paper version.

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The paper edition The Complete Double Bass Drumming Explained – The Reference and The Workbook is also available.   A tangible copy of the most practical and applicable double bass book yet published. This edition is printed in large 8.5″ x 11″ format to blend in perfectly with your existing method book collection.

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Pro Drum Blog says:

“Double Bass Drumming Explained is the most thorough, detailed look at the mechanics of double bass drum playing available today. By utilizing a few key concepts from the book … players can avoid the pitfalls of learning incorrect technique. It’s surprising how a minor technical change can make double bass drumming more comfortable, more efficient, and faster.”

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Mark Goodin, Instructor at the Nevada Music Academy and drummer for Mark Slaughter, says:

“The technical explanations in this guide are awesome!!!”

Joel Rothman, noted drum book author and publisher, says:

“I’ve looked both books over carefully, and I have to say I am really impressed. They are the clearest and best books I’ve seen on the topic, and anyone interested in double bass drum playing would benefit greatly from each of them.”

Here are a few comments from actual customers of the original ebooks:

“I’m thoroughly impressed. Nobody out there explained everything quite like you did. Thank you so much for bringing this knowledge into one place.”

“It [has] good information in it, and I believe it is a very handy little guide.”

“I am a drummer since 1991, but I’ve never found a so-well-done explanation for bass drum technique. Great Job Man!”

“the author pays acute attention to bass drum playing details which are usually not presented in the well-known publications and video tutorials. It is a useful and extensive guide.”

“You’ve filled a hole that needed filling – keep up the good work, man!”