Discography, Filmography, Bibliography, and Sample Recordings


Errant - Perfect Secret (2005 Demo)

Mordheim - Brutal Demonstrations (2010 Demo)

Amish Warfare - Immaculate Misconception (2012 EP)

Bloodstrike - Necrobirth (2014 Demo)

Full Length Albums

Havok - Burn (2009)

Amara Grace - Can't Keep A Sunrise Down (2011)


Havok - Morbid Symmetry (2009)

Ecco Shoes - Ecco for Everyone (2009 tv commercial)


Double Bass Drumming Explained: A Comprehensive Reference on the Art and Science of Double Bass (2012 ebook)

Double Bass Drumming Explained Part 2: The Workbook (2013 ebook)


Havok - "Ivory Tower"

Havok - "Morbid Symmetry"

Ryan Bloom - "Baiao"

Mordheim - "The Sumerian"

Amara Grace - "Forever the Water"

Amish Warfare - "A Significant Disguise"

Amish Warfare - "Paper Street"

Bloodstrike - "In Death We Rot"

More studio and live recordings available on my Youtube Channel.