Critical Acclaim for Ryan’s Work

For Burn:

“an intoxicating dose of double kick drum” (Road Crew Magazine, June 2009)

“With Bloom in mind, let me mention his drumming … So tight in fact that it makes the band better.” (Metal-R.US, June 2009)

“a sick, sick, sick drum performance … with particular nods in the direction of drum variety” (The Metal Observer Webzine, July 2009)

“Ein Drummer, der unermüdlich auf seine Felle eindrischt” English: a Drummer, who works tirelessly at his Drums. (Hall of Metal Blog, July 2009)

“das Drumming … allerhöchster Geschwindigkeit extrem präzise ist.” English: the Drumming … is extremely precise at the highest Speed.  (Burn Your Ears Webzine, August 2009)

“la batterie est mise en valeur, à coups de double pédales destructrices” English: the drums are highlighted, with blows of destructive double pedals. (V-S Webzine, August 2009)

“the drumming was good … the drumming was solid … the kid can play.”(, August 2009)

“hard edged, unrelenting drums” (, August 2009)

The September 2009 issue of Metal Hammer magazine cites ‘Ivory Tower’ as one of the top two tracks in its very short review of the Burn album. ‘Ivory Tower’ is the only published song featuring Ryan’s lyrics as well as his drumming

“intensely speedy drumming and galloping rhythms” (, October 2009)

“What you get is … a powerhouse drummer in Ryan Bloom” (Metal As Fuck Webzine, November 2009)

“Impressive drumming lines the album like a velvet outline” (KickHerTeaThin Blog, February 2010)

“the drums … pound your speakers into oblivion. There are … double-bass blasts that made thrash so damn much fun!” (, May 2010)

“maddened drumming fit to put a crack right in the middle of the earth (Encyclopaedia Metallum, March 2012)

For Double Bass Drumming Explained Part 1:

” Double Bass Drumming Explained is the most thorough, detailed look at the mechanics of double bass drum playing available today.” (, October 2012)

For Double Bass Drumming Explained Part 2:

“This workbook is the most straight-forward way to build proficiency in musical bass drumming I’ve seen.” (, June 2014)

For Necrobirth:

“things kick up a gear with some … brutally pounding drums” (All About the Rock, July 2014)

“uma metralhadora na bateria” English: a machine gun on drums (G.Grind, July 2014)

“Rhiannon Wisniewski e Ryan Alexander Bloom formano … una sezione ritmica dirompente” English: Rhiannon Wisniewski and Ryan Alexander Bloom form … an explosive rhythm section. (In Your Eyes Zine, August 2014)

“pinpoint drumming” (No Clean Singing, August 2014)

“The band is truly at their best … when they deliver the double bass ire barrage at the human pit in front of them” (, August 2014)

“ceaseless drum pulverising” (Firebrand After Dark, August 2014)

“gargantuan percussion” (Metal Forces Magazine, September 2014)

For In Death We Rot:

“a rhythm section that’s machine-precise and spine-shakingly brutal” (No Clean Singing, September 2015)

“Ein lebendiges Schlagzeug, sehr homogen im Sound, durchschlagkräftig gespielt und nicht geradegetriggert, ist das Herz der Band. Einfach genial diese Drums, an denen einfach alles stimmt.” English: The lively drums, very homogenous in sound, played punchy and without triggers, are the heart of the band. These drums are simply ingenious, where everything is just right. (Crossfire Webzine, December 2015)

“Ryan Alexander Bloom (es Havok) es otro que merece el reconocimiento por su laboro … aportando todo lo que un buen baterista de Death Metal debe aportar, sin lucirse, es verdad, pero cumpliendo con firmeza cada labor.” English: Ryan Alexander Bloom (ex Havok) is one that deserves recognition for his labor … giving everything a good drummer of Death Metal should provide, without showing off, it is true, but firmly fulfilling each task. (Puro Ruido, April 2016)

“in perfetta sintonia una sezione ritmica che riesce ad ottenere il massimo con il minimo, bella marcata e precisa.” English: a rhythm section in perfect harmony that manages to get the most with the least, beautifully marked and precise. (Underground Zine, June 2016)

“The drumming is solid … good all round solid doses of mosh … from [the] drums” (Ancient Visionz Radio, April 2017)

“the drums are filled with double kicked frenzies.” (Encyclopaedia Metallum, November 2019)

For Execution of Violence:

“The track … [is] segmented by brute-force drum pounding … [as] if a steamroller could gallop as well as crush everything in its path” (No Clean Singing, August 2017)

“Sledgehammer like drumming” (Cadaver Garden, September 2017)

“A “Detest Mortality” me agradou muito pela cadência diferenciada, graças ao baterista Ryan Alexander Bloom, que demonstra ser bem versátil em todo o disco, pois suas viradas e mudanças de ritmos são muito bem encaixadas com o baixo nas músicas.” English:  “Detest Mortality” was a great pleasure to me because of drummer Ryan Alexander Bloom, who proves to be very versatile throughout the album, because his turns and changes of rhythms are very well suited to the bass in the songs.  (Metal Na Lata, October 2017)

“potent gut-punching, skull-cracking grooves delivered by a punishing rhythm section” (No Clean Singing, October 2017)

“Ryan Bloom ably hammering the drums” (Mosh Pit Nation, October 2017)

“merciless drum work” (Insanity Remains Webzine, November 2017)