Postponed: Thrash Book

I’d like to announce that this summer eventually I’ll be partnering once again with Hudson Music to release my 4th original drum book, Thrash Metal Drumming. This development stems from a poll that I conducted in early 2019 where I asked my YouTube subscribers what type of book they’d be most interested in. I have followed through on the results of that poll and created what appears to be only the second book ever written specifically for thrash metal, the other having been released and subsequently discontinued decades ago.

Scheduled for release in roughly 3-5 weeks this year (I’m thinking early to mid July 2020 hopefully Sept or Oct), the book will cover all the necessary skills to play legitimate sounding authentic thrash, and even more importantly, build a foundation from which drummers can expand to any other modern genre of metal or other heavy music.

Thrash drumming had influences, of course, including hardcore punk, heavy metal, and classic rock, but its particular blend of speed, power, and idiomatic phrases went on to form the basis for all the common heavy genres played today. Death metal, black metal, deathcore, metalcore, slam, djent, and many more of today’s styles of heavy music draw directly from a classic thrash drumming paradigm, on top of which they add their own unique flavors. If you want to play metal well, you start not from the current trends, but from the roots. Thrash metal.

Includes 64 transcribed phrases from real thrash songs from both old school bands like Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth, Kreator, Exodus, Testament, Sepultura, Dark Angel, Destruction, Nuclear Assault, Overkill and new wave thrashers like Vektor, Toxic Holocaust, Warbringer, Exmortus, Municipal Waste, Havok, Skeletonwitch, Evile, Gama Bomb, and more! Written exercises are also augmented with 32 handy audio examples, and the book gives advice and tips for: touring, tuning and tone, health, metronomes and time, and kit setup. There is even an abbreviated history of thrash and an essential listening list so you can absorb the genre properly. Everything you need to get started playing thrash.

If you have any designs on playing metal or -core music at a high level, you’ll want a rock solid slab under you. Thrash Metal Drumming is the way. Stay tuned for specific release date details.

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