Moving the Studio (and everything else)

I’ve been back in the Denver Metro area for 5 years now, after a 3 year intermission in Bellingham, WA, but now it is time to pack up the gear and move again. After a short layover in Santa Fe, I’ll be permanently located in Los Alamos, New Mexico for the foreseeable future. As of now, I am still a member of Bloodstrike and will likely be drumming on the next studio release as well as going on the next tour, TBD. All my students have been migrated to another teacher at this point and I will be starting fresh in NM.

The decision to move was based on housing and financial stresses in Denver and a fortuitous job offer my wife received. If you live in or near Denver you know that housing is becoming impossible to find — unless you’re moving in from out of state with cash, or you have a local job significantly more lucrative than teaching music. I know a talented bass player who was homeless for a while despite both gigging regularly and working 40+ hours a week at a day job. In a two income family, it had not yet come to that point for me, but I can’t sit and wait for that day to come.  As a drummer, finding housing where I can practice or housing where I cannot plus a practice space is difficult and very expensive. Incomes, even for very skilled employees like scientists (i.e. my wife), are not even close to keeping pace with the cost of living. The area is pushing people out in all walks of life.

In contrast, though the music scene in northern New Mexico is inferior to Denver in every way, the cost of living and the wages paid for most work are much more in sync. Life is still possible there for a normal person. I’ll still be in striking distance of Denver, but not immersed in the scene.  It is a drawback for sure, but sometimes you have to follow the money instead of the dream. Especially when you have a child to look out for. In NM I will be able to own a home and pay less in mortgage than I am paying in rent now. Significantly less. The schools in Los Alamos are also excellent, meaning that my progeny can have the best possible opportunity to become irritatingly smart and successful.

If you’re in the Santa Fe/Los Alamos/Taos area, you’re in luck as I am bringing my drumming and teaching skills your way! Hopefully, I’ll be able to resume private teaching, writing books (there is already another one in the works, look for announcements about it in a few months), making videos, and playing in bands.





Drum & Bass Lesson on

Thanks to Theo at, I have a free guest lesson up this week drawn directly from my new book  Live Drum & Bass.

There is also an accompanying video lesson up on my YouTube Channel that will demonstrate the first 3 steps from the blog lesson. For more on how to play in the drum and bass style, pick up a copy of my book or watch more breakbeat demonstration videos on my channel.



‘Live Drum & Bass’ Now Live

Ryan’s latest book Live Drum & Bass is now available from Hudson Music!

Here is the link to the digital edition:

Here is the the link to the paper edition:

This is Ryan’s second publication through Hudson Music. The book includes help with steps and electronic breaks, old school funk transcriptions, how to manipulate breaks into new formats, how to play and use freehand rolls or gravity blast, and many other skills related to playing in the drum and bass style.

Pick up a copy today!

Drum and Bass Book

Coming Soon: Live Drum And Bass – Breakbeats and Electronic Music for Real Drummers

My new book is nearing completion and it will feature 200+ beats, fills, and examples of old school breaks, jungle steps and grooves, drum machine emulation, extended techniques, and sample phrases for authentic drum and bass playing.  If you would like to get a solid start on playing like Jojo Mayer or Johnny Rabb, or create your own breakbeat style, this book will be a solid resource for fundamentals.  I’ve spent the last year or so studying the masters and distilling that information for the maximum concise benefit to the student. Release date and further information to be determined.


Bloodstrike – Execution of Violence

The recording process has been completed and Bloodstrike’s second album, Execution of Violence, is set for an October 13th release on Redefining Darkness Records. The album was recorded at Firestorm Studio in Lakewood, CO, mixed by JB Van Der Wal in the Netherlands, and mastered by Sweden’s mighty Dan Swanö. It will feature 10 new tracks of old school death metal and has already been getting great advanced reviews. Visit to hear  a sample track. IMG_1136.JPG

Bloodstrike Studio Time

Ryan will be entering Firestorm Studios in Lakewood, CO this week to record drum tracks for the second Bloodstrike full-length album. Guitars, bass, and vocals should follow in quick succession. More details such as the title, mixing and mastering personnel, and release date will be forthcoming in the near future.

Hudson Music Deal!

Ryan is please to announce that he has signed a deal with Hudson Music for the digital publication of his latest book, The Complete Double Bass Drumming Explained. The physical edition is still available from but now you can also get an ebook version of the combined and revised edition exclusively through Hudson:

This deal marks Ryan’s transition from an underground self-published author to a legitimate mainstream published author. As everyone ought to know, Hudson Music is a well respected music publisher and will hopefully allow Ryan to reach new and diverse audiences.

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Top 10! just ranked Ryan among the Top 10 drum teachers in Denver!

Side note: While this is an honor, in reality please contact Ryan directly for lessons and do not use silly websites like or similar. All teachers benefits most from direct communication and these websites only give credence to unqualified instructors and cause you to pay more out of pocket to cover the middle-man.  They also encourage price-shopping or browsing (that the teacher must pay for access to!) rather than students looking for teacher quality and compatibility with their goals. They can also lead to miscommunications by having to use a strange messaging platform, go through a website appointed contact, or by setting rules that neither the teacher nor the student fully understand. Choose your teacher based on their offline reputation, actual credentials, and their ability to teach you the exact skills you are looking for. PLEASE, do not book lessons through online services. Contact teachers directly and personally for any instrument, not just drums.